Address your most critical issues in energy & power and make the World a greener planet


IBM ILOG optimization team will host a FREE pre-conference seminar on 7th September 2009.


During this workshop we will present you the IBM ILOG Optimization Suite, a complete system for building custom optimization-based planning and scheduling applications that solve complex business problems, ranging from near real-time scheduling to long-term strategic planning and walk you through customer success stories and a proven track record in delivering bottom-line savings in the Energy and Power industry.


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A range of challenges face the energy and power industry: climate change, grid utilization and reliability, market restructuring, and enterprise IT implementation. ILOG's optimization technology and solutions can help energy and power companies meet these challenges and maximize the value of their investments by providing optimized solutions for:

         Resource planning

         Unit commitment

         Hydro-thermal scheduling

         Contract and risk management

         Market simulation, and

         Maintenance scheduling.


IBM ILOG Optimization Suite

includes two engines IBM ILOG CPLEX engine and IBM ILOG CP Optimizer (constraint programming engine), the integrated development environment IBM ILOG OPL Studio for mathematical models and the application framework IBM ILOG ODM. It represents a significant advancement in optimization tools allowing end users to try what-if scenarios, explore solution tradeoffs, use soft constraints and automatic relaxations, set multiple goals with tradeoffs and other industry unique capabilities for planning and scheduling applications. With this system, users across industries can harness the power of optimization technology to develop state-of-the-art decision support applications.






2:00 pm

Introduction to IBM ILOG Optimization suite (part 1)


         IBM ILOG CP Optimizer

         IBM ILOG OPL Studio

         IBM ILOG ODM

3:30 pm

coffee break

4:00 pm

How optimization addresses your most critical issues in Energy and Power (part 2)

5:00 pm

Energy and Power success stories

         Red Electrica: Reduction of production cost and carbon emissions

         Powel optimization: Greater hydropower revenue generation

         E.ON Ruhrgas: Pricing and storage optimization of natural gas

5:30 pm